Medentech Sterinova (x6) 24 hour protection Surface Disinfectant


24hr Surface Disinfectant x 6

144 tablets, to make 36 Litres

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84 Euro makes 36litres of product. (144 Tablets + 6 spray bottles)

Medentech Sterinova is a highly efficient hard surface disinfectant which uses effervescent tablets that dilute in tap water. This unique product is one of the only products worldwide that offers continuous disinfection for over 24 hours.

The effervescent tablet that dissolves in water at a ratio of 1tablet to 240ml of water.

144 tabs makes 36 litres and additional tablets are available to purchase and simply repeat.

It is:

-Manufactured in Wexford town and exported worldwide by Medentech multinational.

-Used in all top Irish, UK, USA health care facilities, It kills bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, mould, spores, viruses and surface germ dwelling biofilm.

-100% biodegradable and very Eco-sustainable as you simply place the tablet in the empty spray bottle and fill with water.




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